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Steel Cast Aid manufactures a comprehensive range of casting aids for enhancing foundry productivity. These include Exothermic Sleeves, Insulating Sleeves, Refractory Coatings and Fluxes. The Steel Cast Aid advantage lies in its technical know-how, product range, product packaging and application benefits.

Steel Cast Aid has now completed 20 years of operations and is a vendor of choice for more than 400 foundries nationwide. A partial list of Steel Cast Aid's clients is provided in the products section.

Centrally located in India, Steel Cast Aid is extremely well connected logistically and is able to cater to clients from all parts of the country. In addition, Steel Cast Aid has a network of Sales Offices in strategic locations across India to provide better accessibility to clients.
  Exothermic Sleeves
High Insulating Sleeves
Direct Pouring Sleeves-Filters
Anti Piping Compound
Ladle Cover Compound
Zircon Coating
Magnesite Coating
Exothermic Pads
Exothermic Powders

21. February. 2012
Steel Cast Aid's new and refreshed website is active. The site now provides a visitor with a good idea of Steel Cast Aid and its products. In the coming days, the site will be further updated, particularly in terms of product photographs. Please keep checking in.
    Steel Cast Aid. Rastogi Complex, Commercial Complex, Nehru Nagar (East) Bhilai 490020, India. Tel +91 788 4035100, 4035200. E-Mail