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In its range of Casting Aids such as Sleeves, Paints/Coatings, Fluxes, Powders, Steel Cast Aid provides an end-user with several advantages which all add up to a satisfactory user experience.

Products Developed Through Consumer Interaction
Steel Cast Aid is based in Bhilai which is a well known hub of heavy engineering and castings industry and, inevitably, many of Steel Cast Aid's established clients are from Bhilai. As such, there is a constant process of interaction and monitored feedback between Steel Cast Aid and the said consumers, which is reflected in maintenance of quality standards and product development, which benefits all users.

In-House Tool-Room for Product Customization
Steel Cast Aid possesses a well-equipped tool-room at its manufacturing plant that allows it create or modify its facilities to manufacture products such as sleeves in any shape and size to fit client requirements.

A Variety Of Packaging Options
Steel Cast Aid products are made available to consumers in a variety of packaging options, as applicable, such as Shrink Wrapping, Corrugated Boxes, Cans, Drums and Bulk Handling Tanks. Appropriate packaging helps ensure product safety during transit, and ease of storage and application once delivered to the end-user.

+ Available in various designs for special applications.
+ Designed to improve casting yields.
+ Designed to reduce fettling costs.
+ Achieve Increased production from given liquid metal capacity.
+ Get larger castings from the same gross weight of liquid metal.
+ Breaker Cores designed to match Feeding Aids.

+ Practical Technology for Foundry Applications.
+ Excellent suspension stability coatings.
+ Self-levelling coatings.
+ Enhanced ceramic bonding mechanisms.
+ Coatings that reduce fettling costs.
+ Proven design flooding equipment available.
+ Optimal coating performances under extreme applications.
+ lnnovative use of particle packing concepts and ceramics.
+ Enhanced protection against thermal loading.
+ Coatings available for all application techniques:
    Brushing, Swabbing, Spraying, Flooding and Dipping.

Click on Brand Names for details.

RISEREX - 86 S ®
Exothermic Sleeves upto 150mm
RISEREX - 30 ®
Exothermic Sleeves 175mm onwards
RISERIN - 70 M ®
Insulating Sleeves upto 150mm
RISERIN - 81 ®
Insulating Sleeves 175mm onwards
Direct Pouring Sleeves-Filters
Anti Piping Compound
Well Filler Compound
CASTCOTE - 256 ®
Zircon Coating : Alcohol Based
CASTCOTE - 100 ®
Zircon Coating : Water Based
Magnesite Coating : Alcohol Based
CASTPAD - 10 ®
Exothermic Pads
Range of Powder Products
Exothermic Powder
Coal Dust Substitute
Cold Joining Paste

Steel Cast Aid firmly believes that the best testimonial to its products are the people who use them. Some valued end-users of Steel Cast Aid products are:

Aishu Castings Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
Beekay Engg. Corporation
Bharat Chemicals, Coimbatore
Baroda Metal Cast, Baroda
Baroda Hi Tech Alloy, Baroda
BEC Ltd., Bhilai
Cast Profiles Pvt. Ltd., Kalunga
GS Alloys Castings Ltd., Vijaywada
Gujarat Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Hyderabad Castings Limited, Secunderabad
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Raipur
Kirti Alloys Ltd., Valsad
Krishna Ferro Products, Kansbahal
Moira Steels Ltd., Indore
Martopearl Alloys, Hyderabad
Simplex Castings Ltd., Bhilai & Raipur
Neotech Foundries, Bhilai
Metatech Industries, Bhilai
KGP Foundry, Kolhapur
Raneka Industries Ltd., Pithampur
Porwal Auto Components Ltd., Indore
Gnat Foundry Ltd. Kolhapur
Hiper Steel Casting, Bhopal
Duccan Alloy Castings, Pathencherru
Jaiswal NECO Ltd., Nagpur
Prakasha SG Iron, Vijaywada
Ashok Leyland, Hyderabad
Indore Steel Cast, Indore
Raipur Rotocast Ltd., Raipur
Abhinav Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Ahmednagar
Bhavsar Foundry Pvt. Ltd., Ahmednagar
Star Castings Pvt. Ltd., Ahmednagar
Vimal Alloys, Gobindgarh
Rine Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Himachal Pradesh
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Kolkata
Baramati Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Baramati
Mangalam Steel Castings Pvt. Ltd., Baroda
Kaleidoscope Energy Ltd., Chennai
Shakti Pack Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneshwar
Dharasti Castings & Forgings, Panchmahal
Chirania Steel Castings, Bellary
Saurabh Metal Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal
Raipur Forging & Castings Pvt. Ltd., Bilaspur
Aruna Alloys Steel Pvt. Ltd. Madurai
Precision Industries System, Gwalior

Steel Cast Aid thanks all its clients and looks forward to a future of continued association.

    Steel Cast Aid. Rastogi Complex, Commercial Complex, Nehru Nagar (East) Bhilai 490020, India. Tel +91 788 4035100, 4035200. E-Mail info@steelcastaid.com